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“My initial interest in photography came from my Grandfather, a successful amateur filmmaker and photographer. At the age of 14 he helped me process my first roll of Black and White film shot on a camera given to me by my Godfather. On this roll of film, my Grandfather had taken a photo of me holding my first surfboard, a 9’2” Gordon Woods and my destiny had been determined. My first surfing image published was Narrabeen’s Col Smith at the 1972 Bells Beach Easter Surfing Contest. In the mid 1970s I landed a job as an Assistant Photographer with the Australian Defence Department. I was assigned to a German Photographer, a perfectionist, and I was expected to set up his camera but forbidden to push the button. It was 2 years before I shot a single frame. My training included studio work, lighting, flash, B & W processing and printing. My German mentor told me that if I wanted to be a Photographer it had to be for ‘love’ not ‘money’. Over the next decade I pursued my professional photography career with various jobs working at Backdoor Surfing Magazine, Head Photographer at Deacon University before joining surfwear giant Quiksilver as Ad and Promo Manager. In 1989 I went freelance with my wife Jan and formed Joli Productions. The name came from my Grandparents surname Jolly. We put a French twist to the spelling. For the past 25 years I’ve travelled the world capturing the world’s oceans, landscapes, beaches, surfing action and lifestyles. ‘Joli’ photos have appeared in countless surfing, outdoors & lifestyle magazines, websites and books worldwide.” Joli’s work has been exhibited in France, Brazil, Hawaii and Australia. In 2009 and again in 2013 he won the Australian Surf Awards Surf Photo of the Year.



The Witzig Gallery Morububuna Collection is pleased to offer some of the rare and much sought after original works by Martin Morububuna. PNG lost one of its finest artists...