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PAUL WITZIG'S interest in photography began with childhood processing and printing of box brownie images in the family laundry during the early 1950's. By the late 50's he was experimenting with 8mm film and so began a long involvement with film making that resulted in a series of seminal films in the surf genre including "Evolution", "Sea of Joy" and "The Hot Generation". After the advent of video almost killed off 16mm production, Paul's interest in film returned to stills photography. His very late and reluctant acceptance of the digital format in 2004 opened up new horizons in image processing and printing; renewing his passion for the creative interpretation of light. Paul was inspired by the strength and diversity of the Pacific cultures in the 2008 Festival of Pacific Arts.

Location: Witzig Gallery

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Sea of Joy DVD
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The Witzig Gallery Morububuna Collection is pleased to offer some of the rare and much sought after original works by Martin Morububuna. PNG lost one of its finest artists...