Ventilation – some thoughts

Designing a good natural ventilation system into a house is a number one priority.

The comfort level of the house in all seasons and all climatic conditions will be largely determined by the success or failure of a carefully considered and designed natural ventilation system.

Being ttuned to the weather cycles, the seasonal patterns of the winds, the tides and rainfall we draw on this body of knowledge and personal experience when making a site analysis before starting the design process with a new client.

Wind analysis example – Coffs Harbour 3pm January and July

Of course such influencing priorities as client requisites, project budget, site location and orientation must all be carefully considered, but where possible the optimum design solution will always achieve a highly efficient system of natural ventilation.

Of course, most State and Local Government planning codes include the requirement to prove cross ventilation in habitable rooms before providing Development Consent. All too often these criteria are given scant attention before approval, and air conditioning of habitable rooms becomes the accepted norm.

In most cases on the eastern seaboard, the very best natural ventilation systems provide a far higher quality of life than a resort to the design of unhealthy air-conditioned boxes.

A carefully considered and designed natural ventilation system will always be integrated into each of our houses; as will be the balanced use of verandahs to provide outdoor/indoor living areas for all seasons.