Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners

Nominated Architect: Andrew Philip Schulz. Architect. NSW Architects Reg. No. 5844. BOAQ Reg No 1824.

Contact: Andrew Schulz : 0413 746 033, Marianne Witzig: 0403237440

QLD Office: 21 Curlewis St, Holland park West QLD 4121

NSW Office: 4 Baumea St, Brooms Head NSW 2463

In 1994 the QLD HIA judges noted that the house that took out four awards culminating in the States Top Home of the Year, was designed acknowledging the climate we live in. Creating casual, stylish living resulting in a design based on key environmental requirements – effective cross ventilation and protection from the rain and sun. It is this element meshing of design, style and practicality that sets the top house for QLD apart from it’s competitors

Witzig Schulz Architects & Planners have been designing rural and coastal houses along the Eastern seaboard of Australia for the last 40 + yrs. Being in tune with the natural forces and energies – the climate changes of the seasons with the unique and natural environment; has enabled this knowledge to be used to improve architectural design :

  • The benefit of verandahs – those wonderful spaces which, if properly designed, will provide sheltered outside living areas in all seasons.
  • The ease with which the natural forces can be used to dissipate summer heat from inside a pavilion.
  • The critical importance of good orientation to take maximum advantage of winter sun penetration to verandahs & living areas.
  • The summer breezes which can be used to cool the houses without un-necessary energy consumption.
  • The need for very wide eaves overhangs to provide protection from both winter storms and summer sun.
  • The need for proper roof pitches to shed the rains which can be a natural part of our climate
  • The need to design the houses to provide well integrated inside and outside living areas; with allowance for the changes of the seasons.
  • The benefits of energy efficient and sustainable design.
  • The joy of living in a house designed to be in tune with the natural environment.