The Killcare Beach House was completed November 2017 after an almost 3 year build.

The house is located on the beachfront at Killcare, Central Coast, NSW, just a few blocks north of the Killcare Surf Club.

The block has superb views across the beach & breaking surf, however the sub-surface ground conditions proved to be very wet and difficult to stabilise. It took almost six months before Matt and his engineers had established a solid base on which to build the hardwood structure.

The outstanding feature of the house is the use of recycled timber supplied by Australia Architectural Hardwoods, and sourced from bridges, wool-stores and power poles all over Australia.

The original architectural vision was to build a classic, low maintenance beach house using old grey timbers washed up on the beach after storms and cyclones; but the Killcare beachfront was sparsely endowed with old timbers so we found willing suppliers in Andrew and Sam Brodie at AAH in Kempsey.

The concrete base containing garages and services is cut into the hillside but all the structure above the base uses massive hardwood posts and timbers to form the spacious verandas, living and sleeping areas on two levels overlooking the ocean and the beach.

Maintenance on the naturally bleached timbers will be zero. Roofing materials, windows and doors, and all stainless-steel fixings set a new standard for durable low maintenance structures in the extreme saline environment.

Solar panels supply power and heating using hydronic panels in bedrooms and living areas, supplemented by a large fireplace in the living area.

The house is designed as a beach/holiday house for a large extended family, and is detailed with tough, durable finishes which will easily withstand decades of invasion by tribes of wet sandy dogs and children.

All in all, a successful realisation of an inspiring brief on a site which presented many opportunities and challenges.